Thursday, September 17, 2015

When the Idea Turns Into a Book

First it starts with an idea, and turns into an outline. Through baby steps, constructing a child's picture book begins. The words fill the first few pages, but stop in the middle of the story. This writer's thoughts go blank. So searching for further inspiration, prayers are answered in the form of music and soft Christmas toys that talk or dance. Finally the last line has been written, and there comes a deep restful breath. The manuscript is far from finished, the author has only reached step two.

She reads the manuscript over and over, but some paragraphs don't sound quite right. Now this story goes through many changes, authors well know as rewrites. The writer may test the material out on her children, or perhaps share it with a friend. The progress may move even slower, as she approaches step three.

Big decisions must be made. Does she draw her own pictures, or hire a illustrator? Maybe try her luck with a traditional publisher, and not draw at all. Each option easily comes with its own pros and cons. Before money is wasted on postage, from manuscripts return. It may be best to hire a editor, and another to proof read your book. Now step five is when you read your own words in eBooks or print.

Now I am moving forward with these baby steps of mine. As a new author there is so much to learn. For those who are interested, I will share this long path with you. My goal is to share future books with the public, and maybe place a smile on a young reader's face.

My first book


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