Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nearly Looking as He Woke Up On the Wrong Side of the Rock

Good morning Mr. Turtle! With those clinched teeth and fixed eyeballs piercing forward, I think he has something important occupying his mind.  Does he want to escape from the strange humans observing his every move, or perhaps he's only hungry.  Lying on small patches of grass several feet away, shredded lettuce had been thrown onto an area of his pen. 

This tortoise had three other fiends trailing close behind. They each surfaced from a man-made den of rock and dirt slightly below the ground. Even with only a glance, it was easy to see what a bond these creatures had developed inside the Tampa Zoo. 

Photographing wildlife seems to tell its own personal story in each picture taken. Influenced by their irresistible charm, it is my plan to write another wildlife book. This time my focus will be on zoo animals. For now, don't forget to check out my current book entitled IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHIRP, SNAP AND QUACK.   

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Video

Whether you hike through a nature reserve or relax on a hammock in the yard, different species of wildlife can be spotted practically anywhere.
Squirrels scurry up the nearest tree, jumping across narrow branches. The rodent hangs upside down clutching a newly dislodged nut.
Gracefully landing, a small flock of white Ibises join other birds living in their habitat at a local park. Ducks mingle among them, especially when humans approach with food.
On occasion, an alligator hides from view. Living along the river, it remains still until approached by the reptile’s next potential meal.
Photographed flourishing within their protected environments, who could resist these charming wildlife critters? Each species create their own calls or sounds to communicate with their own kind. It’s all about the Chirp, Snap, and Quack, turns these common photos into quick-pace quirky fun.