Thursday, January 28, 2016


Small imperfections do not lessen the spirit within. This Ibis is missing a foot. Admiring the bird's strength and capacity to survive, I was spellbound. Watching his carefree movements and knowing the animal was protected inside a local park, he stood a chance to live out his life.

This white Ibis bird has found a place inside the book entitled: It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack.  For wildlife loves, who enjoy photography books with quirky appeal.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack - Print Edition

Happy to announce: It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack is now available in print. Only $11.99! Don't forget to check out the eBook, free on Kindle Unlimited.

Whether you hike through a nature reserve or relax on a hammock in the yard, different species of wildlife can be spotted practically anywhere. 

Squirrels scurry up the nearest tree, jumping across narrow branches. The rodent hangs upside down clutching a newly dislodged nut. 

Gracefully landing, a small flock of white Ibises join other birds living in their habitat at a local park. Ducks mingle among them, especially when humans approach with food. 

On occasion, an alligator hides from view. Living along the river, it remains still until approached by the reptile’s next potential meal. 

Photographed flourishing within their protected environments, who could resist these charming wildlife critters? Each species create their own calls or sounds to communicate with their own kind.
It’s all about the Chirp, Snap, and Quack, turns these common photos into quick-pace quirky fun. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This squirrel doesn't know the meaning of shy

Who can resist these little critters? They can be quite the comical sight. Whether hanging upside down, or running across tree limbs, squirrels can be amusing to observe. These animals can also be enjoyable to photograph. 

In the book entitled It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack many animals are captured in irresistible photo's living in their natural habitat. Each photograph seems to have something interesting to say. This collection of charming wildlife creatures inspire amusing comments, throughout this fifty-two page book.

 Animal lovers who like quick pace books full with quirky appeal, reward your spirits with a lift. For a limited time offer, Kindle Unlimited subscribers may read it for free. Otherwise, eBooks are lowly priced at $1.99. Print editions will be released soon, and always, book reviews are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shouting out! It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack

With the beginning of a new year, so does a brand new book. For nature lovers who enjoy a book with quirky, fun appeal, introducing It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack. 

Great for nearly any age, the quick-pace wildlife book is simply charming. Every photograph has something interesting to say. This group of animals, most living in their protected habitat seem to express amusing comments, too entertaining to miss. 

Pre-order your eBook copy now! January 12th, launch date, only $1.99. Print edition coming soon.