Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This squirrel doesn't know the meaning of shy

Who can resist these little critters? They can be quite the comical sight. Whether hanging upside down, or running across tree limbs, squirrels can be amusing to observe. These animals can also be enjoyable to photograph. 

In the book entitled It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack many animals are captured in irresistible photo's living in their natural habitat. Each photograph seems to have something interesting to say. This collection of charming wildlife creatures inspire amusing comments, throughout this fifty-two page book.

 Animal lovers who like quick pace books full with quirky appeal, reward your spirits with a lift. For a limited time offer, Kindle Unlimited subscribers may read it for free. Otherwise, eBooks are lowly priced at $1.99. Print editions will be released soon, and always, book reviews are greatly appreciated.  


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