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A read to picture book for children 2-5
and read alone for children 6-8

Love can be shown in many ways; through a firm hug, a shared treat, or with a puppy’s wet kiss. When you find that special buddy, a close friendship often comes naturally.
Peanut chases around a big blue ball. When it bounces down the stairs, a picture falls off the wall. He rolls on his back; what a silly clown! Tim receives lots of sloppy kisses from this loveable hound.
A boy and his dog are an inseparable pair! Peanut is a Bassett Hound, and he belongs to Tim. This frisky little fellow just wants to play.
Told with simple rhymes, My Dog Peanut is about a boy’s best friend. When you love a dog, he will love you, too. Our pets aren’t always perfect, but they sure are cute.
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Whether you hike through a nature reserve or relax on a hammock in the yard, different species of wildlife can be spotted practically anywhere.
Squirrels scurry up the nearest tree, jumping across narrow branches. The rodent hangs upside down clutching a newly dislodged nut.
Gracefully landing, a small flock of white Ibises join other birds living in their habitat at a local park. Ducks mingle among them, especially when humans approach with food.
On occasion, an alligator hides from view. Living along the river, it remains still until approached by the reptile’s next potential meal.
Photographed flourishing within their protected environments, who could resist these charming wildlife critters? Each species create their own calls or sounds to communicate with their own kind. It’s all about the Chirp, Snap, and Quack, turns these common photos into quick-pace quirky fun.

My very first published book


He’s magical, jolly, and known for his “Ho! Ho! Ho!”  That soft-hearted man in the red suit can only be Santa himself.  Delivering a sleigh full of presents, he travels every Christmas Eve.  He fulfills children’s wishes from the incoming mail he receives. CHRISTMAS AT THE CLAUS HOUSE ~ SAVING CLARA DEER is an exciting story for the holidays.  It emphasizes the meaning of Christmas and being together for this special day. It’s December 24th, Santa is reading children’s letters and the elves are busy making toys. Suddenly, Angelo the lead stable elf runs into the study.  “Your smallest deer Clara is truly sick!  I found her lying on the haystack.  Santa, she needs you to come quick!” Fever had taken over.  Clara nearly lifeless, the pain in her right side ached.  Is it too late to save her?  What will Santa do, and will the presents get delivered on time?


“Let’s sort these letters for Santa,” said a cute and pudgy mail-room elf.

They divided the letters by continents, to create a pile for each section of the earth.  Breaking it down again to individual cities, workers pinpointed the children even in the tiniest rural town.

Hours dragged as they waited.  Harsh winds tossed white flakes across the Arctic sky.  Santa prayed for a miracle, then suddenly he heard a faint sigh.
“She is weak, but the operation was a success,” Dr. Aw Choo cautioned Santa.  “Clara is not quite out of the woods yet.  I’ll monitor Clara’s progress.  She’ll have to stay here with me.  Clara has a high fever and will need rest for the next few days.”

Santa ate supper with Dr. Aw Choo and learned about recovery care for his deer. He now had to depart promptly for the workshop.  The sleigh still had to be loaded. It’s Christmas Eve!

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  1. Welcome everyone to my first blog. CHRISTMAS AT THE CLAUS HOUSE-SAVING CLARA DEER is the first of many future books I hope to feature here. I am an inspiring writer who wishes to turn a hobby into a lasting career. With the help of publishing coach Erika Szabo of Golden Box Books, I am off to a good start. A dream is in all of us, it is a shame to let it go.