Sunday, December 20, 2015

Simple Pleasures of Christmas

Even dry, tar roads can't dampen the holiday spirit circulating among the outdoor spectators inhaling the unseasonably warm, night air. Counting down the days to Christmas on one hand, temperatures in many parts poorly reflex the long awaited special occasion children impatiently yearn for each year.

Whether an individual residence is New Hampshire or Florida, or perhaps somewhere in-between, most people embrace the simple pleasures of Christmas. A blanket of snow glistens with sparkling beauty, but its absence can be overcome in the form of shimmering lights that may blink and take on their own spectacular form. When night falls, bold outlines running along a cluster of homes and trees can become a breathe taking sight. The smiles and wide-eyed expressions quickly turn a simple ride through the neighborhood or town park into an adventure for its viewers.

For the ones who give their time and money to decorate buildings and set up those wonderful ground displays, the results are often priceless. Lifting the spirits of so many, a ordinary Christmas season may become  brighter when creating new memories from holidays lights.  

From the author of Christmas at the Claus House

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas at the Claus House - For Santa lovers everywhere

For Santa lovers everywhere, order this exciting story for the holidays. It emphasizes the meaning of Christmas and the importance of caring for one another and the need to be together on this special day. Available in print and eBook:
"He’s magical, jolly, and known for his “Ho! Ho! Ho!” That softhearted man in the red suit can only be Santa himself. Delivering a sleigh full of presents, he travels around the world every Christmas Eve. 
It’s December 24th, Santa is reading children’s letters and the elves are busy making toys. Angelo the lead stable elf runs into the study with terrible news. “Santa, your smallest deer Clara is truly sick! I found her lying on the haystack. She needs you to come quickly!” 

Clara was almost lifeless with a high fever. She complained of a pain in her right side. Is it too late to save her? What will Santa do, and will the presents get delivered on time?"