Saturday, November 21, 2015

Caring for Animals in Distress

   Meet Dr. Aw Choo. He is a mild-mannered, caring young man. Even when far from his Eskimo village, this vet would always care for any animal found in distress.

   Santa watched him examine Clara. He knew she was in capable hands.

   Dr. Aw Choo press on her stomach and she surprised him with a "yelp." He felt the tender area once more. "I'm afraid her appendix must come out."

   Will the veterinarian save Clara deer, and can Santa return to deliver the presents on time? Order this wonderful Christmas story for your holiday reading pleasure. Available in eBook and print  


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kitchen Elf in Us All

"May I assist you in the kitchen?" asks a spunky, pointed-eared elf.  He rolls out dough for sugar cookies, pressing Christmas shapes with cookie cutters brought from the North Pole.

The magical month of December creates thoughtful elves out of us all.  Influenced by an array of holiday music, twinkling lights, and ornaments dangling on trees, the joyful season is shared. 

Hear the jiggle! Arriving by six-foot sleigh, could that be Santa Claus?  Don't forget to leave some fresh baked cookies, perhaps one for each reindeer too.

 Make someone's day a little sweeter, create your own holiday treat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

From the book : Christmas at the Claus House

   Mrs. Claus is cooking in the kitchen. she is a busy lady too.  Rolling out dough for Christmas cookies, batter fills every mixing bowl that comes off the shelf.

   "Can I help decorate the cookies?" asked charming Isabel elf.  Isabel, who also fancies baking, has been appointed an assistant to Mrs. Claus. 

   Children, and those young at heart will love CHRISTMAS AT THE CLAUS HOUSE.  Is it too late to save the smallest deer Clara?  What will Santa do, and will the presents get delivered on time?

   Order this exciting holiday tale that emphasizes the meaning of Christmas and the need to be together on this special day.  Available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and many online booksellers.  EBook - $2.99 and Print - $9.98. Everyone enjoys a good book, could this be yours?