Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Fun of Graphic Designs - About the Author

These days I find myself bouncing between hobbies.  Knowing my younger years are behind me, and the midlife period is swiftly running out. I truthfully joke when I say there will be a lot to squeeze in for the next thirty years. Some call it the bucket list, and I am happy to admit mine is rather long.  I think for many of us, dreams can be fulfilled if we keep trying. A designer mug could turn into one possibility for me.

By accident I found I had some natural ability for graphic design, but first I must start at the beginning.  The dust on a pile of old, unpublished manuscripts gives away the length of time I sat behind the keyboard.  With the bulk of my work consisting of picture books, to save money I drew the illustrations myself.  One day while looking over a drawing, I decided to add a background to appear more like walls inside a house.  What took me by surprise, I actually enjoyed making backdrops. So I added them to other pages as well.  Suddenly, I did not want to stop with these graphic design ideas, it was becoming fun. I immediately put all writing projects aside for the next three months.

Three years ago, was when I made my first background design for a manuscript.  Now there are hundreds of sample designs. Experimenting on ideas for stationery, backdrops, notebook covers, cloth, mugs and a array of various other items, graphic designs has turned into a wonderful hobby.  It has become a close second pastime to my love of writing.  I foresee a future website and plans to make this another career.

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