Sunday, May 29, 2016

Poem: Patriotism

                                      In the woods gathers a brave platoon
                                      Their uniforms, a mixture of tan and green
                                      Each face painted in dark camouflage
                                      Hard bodies firmly lean

                                      A soldier’s life is a lonely one
                                      When sent far from home
                                      War brings out the strength in him
                                      And the battle drives him on.

                                      The hills sharply rocky
                                       Rough trenches sank deep
                                      They crossed the terrain
                                      Troops with very sore feet   
                                      Deadly bullets started flying
                                      Thick brush was set on fire
                                      These soldiers all sent on a mission
                                      Save our men captured there      

                                      The rifles took aim
                                      Grenades the military threw
                                      Fighting with more courage
                                      Than any average man knew
                                      Voices could be heard screaming
                                      Bloody corpses lay slumped down
                                      The skirmish grew silent 
                                      As released Americans were sent out
                                      From out in the distance
                                      A white flag was raised
                                      Defeated enemy had surrendered                                                                                                                          And honored heroes were made

                                      Unpublished Work Copyright 2016 Nancy M. Rollins 
                                                 Nancy Rollins(@NancyM.Rollins)    

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