Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Touch of Beauty Forever Captured

Beginning a new category of still life photos. This beautiful flower blooms on extra large bushes in my back yard. Any guesses anyone to the type of plant?
I've never had much of a green thumb. My plants usually don't last more than one season. I tend to over water them, or forget and don't water them at all. You will find the only living plants inside my house are the ones in the fish tank. The rest are made from plastic or silk. At least the outdoor ones do have mother nature to help look out for them.
To capture a nearly perfect photograph, it may take a few tries. With a small breeze or a shake of the hand, it's easy to be thrown out of focus. How often has our photo's been ruin by shadows or overexposed streaks of light? Should you be facing the sun or stand behind it when snapping a picture? How far should someone zoom in or out on a subject they wish to shoot? Knowing these bits & pieces will effect the quality of the print.
Taking photos is mostly trial and error. I do it for enjoyment, and consider myself an amateur with still much to learn. Writing is another hobby I like to pursue. Photographs are an option to illustrations, and always make good covers for books.
Flowers bring out the best in many. Although I have not mastered their care, the world is a prettier place with them there.

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