Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Photography - A Learning Process

Late one evening, I spotted a small bunny chewing on some grass. It perked up as he heard me, so I did my best to remain perfectly quiet. I remembered my camera was on the kitchen table, and had to go back inside. Happily, my luck held out. The rabbit was still there when I returned.

Fairly new to photography and not yet taken a class, I consider myself very much in the learning mode. With my fondness for wildlife, the rabbit would make a good test subject. Nighttime photos would also be a challenge. The rabbit continued to nibble until it saw my movements, but after two quick clicks from the camera, the animal was gone.

The photo's were somewhat dark like I expected, but experimenting with colors can also be fun. My first step is to always make a copy, so the original image is never destroyed.  Discovering through trial & error, I adjusted the exposure and color by going to the Window's Photo Gallery and clicking on Fix. I also opened with Paint and inverted the color after going to Image. Not all computers are the same. I find changing colors look well with flower photos and such.

To create an image with multiple colors takes an overlapping process. Using my limited expertise, once I had my preferred number of colors, it was a matter of cut & paste sections  in rows over the one basic photo. Note* Lining up the patterns does take some practice. The cute bunny rabbit in the photograph now has a interesting look.

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