Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Considering the Next Book - Making it Personal

With the ink barely dried on the pages from my last book, It's All About the Chirp, Snap and Quack, there's no better time but to think about creating another. Often for the emerging writer, thoughts easily cloud the brain when too many ideas float inside the head. For a writer, they must be released. What topic should the next book be about? Should I look for what's trending, or write something that interests me? For most starting on this journey, it's best to write about something you know. My advice is to keep a notebook within reach. You never know when inspiration will hit. I jot down story ideas and chapter outlines to revisit later on.

What will my next book be? Honestly, it's a three way split. I've been told, "Nancy, You have too many projects going on!" Many authors feel more can be accomplished if only one book is worked on at a time. Others may have two. I had over a dozen manuscripts in various unfinished stages. The more experience authors were right, I wasn't going anywhere. Now I have two books, the other, Christmas at the Claus House - Saving Clara Deer.  This book once self-published in 2009 was withdrawn and recently revised.

Today, I only work on two or three manuscripts at any one time. Since trying to yo-yo wasn't working, when a manuscript is submitted, another can begin. Currently, I am putting together a deluxe word search book for kids, a story book, and another quirky wildlife book. Trying to sharpen my photography skills, many pictures were taken at the zoo. Some animals display many of the same behaviors as humans. A visit to the zoo can be entertaining, and an educational experience for the whole family.          

I do not know where my writing will take me; I only know there are places my work must go.

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