Thursday, October 15, 2015

Capturing Those Moments:

Time is precious, and certainly are the children in our lives. With the years passing so quickly, it is easy to miss how much one does change.
For some, Photography can become a hobby that could be fun to do. Although considering myself only on an amateur level, taking photos can open a whole new world for those who are willing to try.
Today, those great shots have never been easier. Many cell phones have built in cameras. Posing for a Selfie may give anyone a case of the giggles. Keep it or tap delete.
I use a camera with a zoom lens for those up close shots. It may take several tries, but with practice and determination, you may surprise yourself.
What I love about being behind a camera, photos can be on any category I choose. Whether it’s the grandchildren, wildlife, or a bowl of fruit, photos are a wonderful way to fill an album or decorate the walls.
Capturing those special moments with Photography, leads to memories we are unlikely to forget.

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