Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Gift is Life's little Blessings

Every person has their own special gift. Once that ability is shared, we truly have created magic. Not all people discover how important they are. One selfless act, can make a difference to another. Whether our talents are social skills and volunteering our time, sewing, painting a portrait, or singing in a choir, life's little blessings are meaningful. Often, payment is expressed in the form of a priceless smile.

Three years ago, I uncovered an interest in graphic design that I did not realized was there. For me, creating backgrounds became a relaxing playtime, such as puzzles or computer games for someone else. What I believed was a simple pastime, took a friend to open my eyes to possibilities these designs could bring. 

 So far, mainly designing as Christmas gifts, the mugs took on life. Showing off her mug is my lovely, lady hairdresser, Lillian. Naturally gifted at her craft, she makes each client feel like her favorite customer. The 15 inch coffee mug turned into a fine tribute, and brought a happy tear.

Little things we do, can make a big impact. Talents are gifts that are meant to be shared. Have you discovered yours?       


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