Monday, August 24, 2015

Christmas at The Claus House

Children's book by Nancy M. Rollins
Coming soon in eBook and print

He’s magical, jolly, and known for his “Ho! Ho! Ho!”  That soft-hearted man in the red suit can only be Santa himself.  Delivering a sleigh full of presents, he travels every Christmas Eve.  He fulfills children’s wishes from the incoming mail he receives. CHRISTMAS AT THE CLAUS HOUSE ~ SAVING CLARA DEER is an exciting story for the holidays.  It emphasizes the meaning of Christmas and being together for this special day. It’s December 24th, Santa is reading children’s letters and the elves are busy making toys. Suddenly, Angelo the lead stable elf runs into the study.  “Your smallest deer Clara is truly sick!  I found her lying on the haystack.  Santa, she needs you to come quick!” Fever had taken over.  Clara nearly lifeless, the pain in her right side ached.  Is it too late to save her?  What will Santa do, and will the presents get delivered on time?

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